When the Wolf Bites

I am currently working with Amazon to merge When the Wolf Bites: Part I and II into one book. Although it will be over 700 pages long, we think it will be a better read but as you can appreciate the work involved in this, the new book won’t be ready until December.

However, in preparation for this, I have been going through both books and making a few edits, although the story remains the same.

I have just completed Part I and Amazon will soon be sending a free copy to everyone who purchased the book over the past eighteen months.

I am currently working my way through Part II and everyone who purchased this book over the past year will also get a free copy of the new updated version, which should be out in the next few weeks.  Once again, although there are edits, the story remains the same.

I am really excited to have When the Wolf Bites in one book, instead of split into two.  Meanwhile I just want to thank Amazon for working so hard with me on this.  x

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