About Sadie

I’ve been writing stories since I was a child.  I wrote my first story when I was about six or seven years old and I’ve still got that tiny manuscript!  When I was about thirteen, I won a writing competition for a British magazine.  But I never considered my love of writing as anything other than a hobby, so it’s very special to me when readers write and tell me how much they love my stories.

The Madeleine series is now finished.  There are five books altogether.  (Because no-one really liked the 730-page combined read of When the Wolf Bites: Part I and II, I’ve split it back into two books which are now called When the Wolf Hunts and When the Wolf Bites.)  I hope my readers love the last book, When the Wolf Breathes, as much as they did the others.  And now I’m onto new things and along with other stories I’m currently writing, I plan to write a newsletter each month to let you all know what I’m doing and give you excerpts of stories, including deleted scenes from Madeleine and Ryder’s adventures.   I’ve also made it a lot easier for you to contact me through this blog, so leave your email address so you can be included in the newsletter.  First one will be sent just before Christmas.