When the Wolf Dreams

I made a decision today regarding the fourth book in the series of Madeleine.  I have been trying desperately to fit the story into this last book, When the Wolf Dreams, by editing and cutting scenes and editing some more but have come to the rather slow conclusion that at 600 pages and counting, this book needs to be made into two.  I was hoping to get it out by May, but that deadline came and went and apologies for that but I’m now pushing to get When the Wolf Dreams out by end July, with the final and fifth book in the series (no name as yet) out by Christmas, hopefully.  Sorry to all my readers, I’ve been trying really hard to get this story finished for you but so much needs to be said and so much needs to happen that it can’t possibly fit into one book.   Hope you’re not too disappointed.  Love Sadie x

Sadie Conall

Some of my readers have asked if Sadie Conall is a pen name and I thought I’d take some time away from writing to answer that.  The short answer is yes, it is a pen name.  The long answer is that Sadie is a nickname a well loved family member calls me.  The name Conall came about through my love of everything Celtic, for my great grandparents were Irish and my mother was born in Shropshire near the border of Wales.  I wanted a Celtic name to use as a surname (despite already having an Irish surname and a first name that has Welsh origins), and after some research settled on Conall (pronounced in the lovely Irish lilt of Con-L or Con-ELLE, not ConALL).  It means strong  wolf, or mighty warrior.  I thought it fitting when writing about a strong independent young French girl who lived in the wilderness of the New World in the late 1700’s with the Bannock and a pure white wolf!

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