Excerpt from When the Wolf Dreams

Madeleiné reached for her musket and crawled back out into the rain.  She glanced briefly at Poongatse and Wannge’e but said nothing.  But they knew where she was going, although they didn’t speak of it, for they knew as well as Madeleiné that they were being followed. 

I’m writing all hours to get this finished for you all.

Excerpt from When the Wolf Loves

The light of the flames reflected off the wolf’s white pelt and yellow eyes, turning him into something entirely different, making him appear like some prehistoric beast from another time and suddenly Ryder understood why Madeleiné slept so deeply, why she had no fear.  Because of this massive creature.  With lowered head, his eyes never leaving Ryder, esa walked across to stand close to Madeleiné, guarding her like some warrior prince.